February 17th, 2010

Britain tightens student visa rules

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain is to tighten the rules on immigrants entering Britain on a student visa, the government said Sunday in a clampdown on a system which some security experts say has been exploited by Islamist militants.
Home Secretary Alan Johnson said the crackdown was part of a wider campaign against immigrants who apply for student visas even though they intend to work.
The tighter controls could also help to tackle security concerns over militants who enter Britain ostensibly to study. Analysts have warned for years of a threat from Islamist militants based at British universities, including foreigners on student visas.

For more read: http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKTRE6160RY20100207

The UK’s WEEE recycling drives gain pace

With a view to reducing waste, the use of landfill and improving recyclate volumes, government have introduced a number of regulations. The disposal of Waste electronic equipment is covered by the WEEE directive. However, the following also apply:
• Landfill legislation (HMRC Notice LFT1 2004, 2002 Landfill Directive, WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria))
• The Hazardous Waste Regulations (Statutory instrument 2005 No. 894)

A result of legislation is that obsolete I.T. (Waste Electronics- Computers, telecoms, peripherals) equipment may no longer be disposed of in the general waste stream or be sent to landfill. Regulations limit available waste streams to those licenced for the transportation and treatment of WEEE. However, many businesses usually consider further quality assurance factors when disposing of I.T, fixed assets and data bearing media.

For more read: http://www.it-green.co.uk/london_computer_recycling.html