February 26th, 2010

The three wise men meet in Kampala 24/02/2010

Dennis Kitamirike (Grand Duke) Left, Wilson Kato
(Pronounced Kettle) center and Moses Nsubuga
(Super Charger) right

…. And it came to pass; finally the three wise men came to meet in Kampala after many years overseas.

No communiqué was released to the media immediately following the meeting but it is predicted that the short summit paves the way for a new beginning of similar reunions involving several members of the xebonies group and a sector of their fans which is still significant in the city.

Many of the xebonies are spread out in several capitals of the world where some have moved on to pursue different careers but for the past few years, some have made their way back to the motherland to visit, settle or do business.

What is not certain at this point in time is whether they will reunite to excite the city once again with their once extra ordinary ‘Muziki Kilo’ stage performances. Rumours are rife as is the continued speculative media wait……..watch the space!

MKT- Diisi

Birmingham UK: Mother starves her seven-year-old daughter to death (The Guardian UK)


A social services department is facing mounting criticism tonight for failing to stop a mother starving her seven-year-old daughter to death despite numerous warnings.

Khyra Ishaq, who weighed just 2st 9lb (16.8kg), was said by a paramedic to be like a concentration camp victim when she was finally rescued from her home. She later died in hospital from infection caused by extreme malnutrition.

The tragedy of Khyra's death was summed up by a high court judge who said: "It is beyond belief that, in 2008, in a bustling, energetic and modern city like Birmingham, a child of seven was withdrawn from school and thereafter kept in squalid conditions for a period of five months before finally dying of starvation."

Read more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/feb/25/khyra-ishaq-starve-social-services

House prices fall for first time in 10 months (The FT)

UK house prices fell in February, halting a nine-month streak of steady rises and raising questions once again about the stability of the market.

According to the Nationwide House Price Index, prices fell by 1.0 per cent month on month in February, although Nationwide’s chief economist, Martin Gahbauer, cautioned that snowy weather and the end of a stamp duty holiday might have played a role in the drop.