May 11th, 2010

And where does this leave Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems??

Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron

.....Well, it came to pass. Gordon Brown left No10 - with dignity I must say and now David Cameron is the new resident of the No10 joint.

Nick Clegg is now fully in alliance with the Cons but at the end of it all, his position had become more vulnerable than when he started in the latest twists and turns in the British political theatre. The future for him? Difficult to say but it will likely get tougher for him first from the Lib diehards who walk with deep-seated Lib Dem tablets of values hanging around their necks and second from the Cons. right wing segment.

For Cameron? Probably the honey moon will be over by tomorrow as the British public is expecting nothing less than a swift economic turnaround. He promised bucketfuls of change and they will demand it almost immediately. Secondly, he also faces a rather sceptic right wing sector within his own party who are bound to see the Clegg doze as something nothing but a careless tempering with hard-core conservatism. All these and together with being at the receiving end of the new labour cracking whip + the pressing economic woes, Mr Cameron will most certainly spend some time in the political doldrums with harsh reality checks. The rest will ultimately boil down to his skill of political and economic navigation in these difficult times…history will be the best judge…..