May 17th, 2010

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Wags team up with BBC3 to highlight deprivation in South Africa

The Wags
Photo source: Google

Full story:


Very good article but!!!

Deprivation in S. Africa is not something new and all concerted efforts to curb it are a very positive way forward.

The only slight intriguing thing is the timing of your story. Why now in the middle of the World Cup? Should we in that case put emphasis on the world cup or the story of the wags?

Poverty aside, how about the positive side of S. Africa? Is it worth a mention from your media?

It is sad to note that the Western media particularly go for quick negative publicity stunts about Africa and her people. Anyone with little Knowledge in marketing will tell you that negative publicity is bad for business, jobs and investment and this applies to your actions on the African continent. In other words I think that you (the Western media) are equally to blame for the continent’s levels of under-development with endless negative publicity because it helps in upping your profitability or that such stories appeal to your western audiences.

It is important for you (the western media) and your wags to take note of the fact that Africa is not simply about poverty, civil wars, disease and death. There is another side of Africa that you don’t like to report. What Africa needs is a little doze of balanced reporting. At this point in time, African probably needs a lot of media-friendly positive reporting if at all the continent can attract investment and development for growth and not the often photo-taking media opportunities that we have seen countless times or aid handouts. I am afraid to tell you that your often-lob-sided views on the continent do not help in this cause but rather, are contributing significantly in destroying it.