June 10th, 2010

Somalia – Most dangerous place on earth:

Photo Source: The Economist

With the Sheikhs and Hajjis chasing each other in the sands of Somalia on a daily basis, what chances are there for the ailing (though internationally supported) Presidency of the lawless country to succeed in its mission. Already government’s so-called ministers (some of whom have never been to Somalia) seem to be switching allegiance in droves and abandoning the beleaguered and shaky government in a very precarious and vulnerable position against the advancing and pretty determined sword yielding Shabas and their allies.

So far the Presidency only controls a few shells of blocks and hazardous streets in downtown Mog’ city, leaving the rest of the capital and the country in the Hands of the battle-hardened Shabab extremists. Assuming that things continue to deteriorate as they already are, it can be argued that there will be no peace in Mogadishu and Somalia for AMISON led by the UPDF expeditionary force to keep. On that basis, one can only predict that it will not take long for the beleaguered Somali Presidency to capitulate, ushering in the country already on its back a new wave of total chaos and anarchy. This would also bring the AMISOM force face to face with the Shabab militia as they seem to be determined to engage it in open battle. Should that happen, what should AMISOM do? Change the rule of engagement and go for full bloody combat while hoping for more iron and steel from the international community or simply cut and run? That indeed is the dilemma that commanders on the ground are likely to be faced with.


Whatever one’s views, Somalia and especially Mogadishu is probably the most dangerous place on earth. Secondly, the Somali crisis is also one of the most ignored one despite its ferocious nature. Could this be due to the age old notion of it’s Africaness?

Posted by MK TORO