July 13th, 2010

Failed state of Somalia should be auctioned on e-bay to the highest bidder

With much anger, this is what I think of Somalia right now: “The failed country to be put on e-bay for sale. It comes along with its entire people, camels, and goats…..all going for a song… the highest bidder takes all!”

I do not think that pulling the AU forces from Somalia will bring any immediate solutions to this war ravaged failed state. The fact of the matter is that Somali’s Shababs will even be bolder than they already are. Their wider aim is and has always been not just about Somalia but to turn the entire region and perhaps beyond into an extremist ‘sharia domain’. They want to create a corridor where they can manufacture and export their terror campaigns against all those they perceive as their enemy. If you think that this is some maji-maji argument, the 1998 bombings of American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam should always remind us of the common threat from these fellows. They are out to kill and maim. They have neither the knowledge of international law nor respect for humanity. In fact they thrive in chaos that is why Somalia has never seen a basic and sustainable functioning government since the early 1990. There are a few hard-core criminals in Somalia who have taken the whole population hostage by terrorising them into submission and in doing so, their personal interests have thrived more and more.

I was one of those who were very sceptical when the Ugandan government decided to deploy the UPDF as a peace keeping force into Somalia under the auspices of the AU. My argument then was that the AU cannot be a peace keeping force in Somalia simply because there was and still is no peace to keep in the first place. However after the deployment, I had no choice but support our boys and girls who are working extremely hard in very harsh conditions helping the ever thankless and war intoxicated bunch of people. I have for some time felt that what Somalia needs right now is a peace making force and not a peace keeping one for the very simple reason I have outlined above. You also need a force that is there to stay and not that which will cut and run when the going gets tough as the American one in the 1990s. However in doing so, this force must be well supported, supplied and reinforced to keep it going.

The Shababs are nothing but a bunch of mass murderers. They have neither regard for international law nor respect for humanity. This being the case, it is my humble submission that they should not be treated with any such clichés of human rights this and that, international law etc. All they need is a damn good whipping into submission. But to be able to do this, it must be required that all the regional powers should agree to share this burden and perhaps supported by the international community with the key objective of denying the Shababs and their backers any foothold of sanctuary not only in Eastern African but everywhere they will try to hide. That is the only way that threats posed by the bloody Shababs to Somalia and the entire region will be neutralised and in turn guarantee long term peace and security in the region and beyond.

I also believe that Somali ‘refugees’ must be critically screened before being allowed in the country and resettled away from the city and other urban areas with concentrated settlements. The problem is that even with the refugee communities the Somalis still carry along their clannish politics. They never give up and given chance, they would happily and readily form militias to settle unfinished business they left back in their war torn country.

Much as the international community would like to help Somalia overcome their chaos, the Somalis must learn to resolve their own conflicts amicably and look after their own affairs. They should also differentiate between someone how is trying to help their failed state and their perceived enemy.

That is why I think that unless something is done right now, it might be better to put this failed nation including all inhabitants on e-bay for sale to the highest bidder……

Posted by MK TORO