November 1st, 2010

'Pushy parents' help children make the grade at school

Parents who push their children to work hard at school have a bigger impact on their child's academic success than their teachers, research suggests.

The effort a parent puts into ensuring their child buckles down to schoolwork has a greater impact than that put in by the child or the school, it says.

Researchers at Leicester and Leeds universities found parents put less effort in the more children they had.
They looked at how much they read to a child and attended school meetings.

Europe must save shrinking African lake: Gaddafi

L. Chad

N'DJAMENA (Reuters) - Europe will be confronted with 30 million Africans trying to reach its shores unless it acts to stop climate change from depleting a lake on which they depend, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Sunday.

Scientists say changing weather patterns, along with growing populations and the construction of dams, are to blame for the shrinking of Lake Chad, which provides livelihoods for about 30 million people in surrounding countries.

"If Lake Chad dries up, there are about 30 million people who will be obliged to emigrate to Europe," Gaddafi said at an international conference in Chad's capital.