December 28th, 2010

Give your Children Millet

Millet is a broad term for a larger family of cereals that bear small seeds. These nutritious grains originated in East Asia and have since spread far and wide.
This may be largely attributed to the benefit of flourishing in areas that are prone to drought, thus providing a reliable source of nourishment in arid and semi-arid parts of the world.

Red millet and sorghum are introduced very early on in our diet in the form of porridge as nursing mothers are encouraged to consume it for increased milk production and to aid their healing.

Infants are also weaned off with porridge, usually with added sugar to improve its palatability, due to the combination of its digestibility and nutritional content.
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'Business Bomba' Inspires Innovation in Sierra Leone

As Sierra Leone becomes increasingly business-friendly, a national business-plan competition invites innovative thinkers to bring their best business ideas to vie for a $23,000 start-up prize.

Massive speakers at a busy intersection in Freetown blast out news of "Business Bomba", a national business competition aiming to inspire future entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas.