June 22nd, 2012


A friend of mine is looking to rent an office.

Rather than making umpteen phone calls he headed for Google.

As you'd expect he found one that looked to fit the bill quite quickly.

The website had a 'contact me' box so he filled in his details and waited...

Not for long. After about an hour the company called him.

The woman he spoke to was polite as she double-checked his details and asked him a few more questions.

But when he asked if she could let him know the rental costs things started to go awry.

Apparently she couldn't tell him. He'd only be able to find out if he visited the premises.

She did give him the number of their onsite representative though.

Although he wouldn't be able to give a price over the phone either.

All looking a bit like 'sales prevention' don't you think?

Just like you would be, my friend wasn't impressed and left it at that.

But it gets better - or worse depending on how you look at it...

The next morning he decided he would ring the onsite rep.

He didn't get through but got a voice-mail message instead.

This said the rep was on holiday for a week but if the call was important here was a name and number to call.

Guess what? They couldn't give him a price either.

But they could get another sales rep to call him.

Game for a laugh (or a glutton for punishment) my friend agreed.

Half an hour later his phone rang.

The gentleman he spoke to said he would email all the details - including the price!

And that was two days ago. He's heard nothing since.

You will I'm sure not be surprised to learn that this company of buffoons will not be getting my friend's business.

Now the marketing term for the sorry tale I've just related is 'customer journey'.

The journey's supposed to last until you, the customer, buy something and beyond too.

Of course it's not meant to be a tale of both woe and woeful incompetence either.

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