masabahouse (masabahouse) wrote,

Rapid city growth threat to Africa's development: UN

Sections of Antananarivo, Madagascar

LONDON (Reuters) - Rapid and chaotic urbanisation is threatening sustainable development in Africa, the head of the U.N. housing agency said on Monday, but taking steps to mitigate climate change could help tackle some of the problems of cities.

The populations of large, fast-expanding cities in Africa, such as Lagos in Nigeria, are set to continue growing at annual rates of around 4 percent according to the United Nations, putting pressure on the provision of housing and basic services.

"We are an urban species now ... but I'm afraid what we have on the ground is rather chaotic and unsustainable," Anna Tibaijuka, executive director of UN-HABITAT, said at a conference on the future of cities at Chatham House in London.

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