masabahouse (masabahouse) wrote,

Birmingham UK: Mother starves her seven-year-old daughter to death (The Guardian UK)


A social services department is facing mounting criticism tonight for failing to stop a mother starving her seven-year-old daughter to death despite numerous warnings.

Khyra Ishaq, who weighed just 2st 9lb (16.8kg), was said by a paramedic to be like a concentration camp victim when she was finally rescued from her home. She later died in hospital from infection caused by extreme malnutrition.

The tragedy of Khyra's death was summed up by a high court judge who said: "It is beyond belief that, in 2008, in a bustling, energetic and modern city like Birmingham, a child of seven was withdrawn from school and thereafter kept in squalid conditions for a period of five months before finally dying of starvation."

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