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Moses Superchager sings with the Stigmaless band members of the Joint Clinical Research Centre. They sing songs of Hope and adherence, treatment of HIV and AIDS and they recently released an English music play called BRAKING THE SILENCE.
Stigmaless band is a group of talented adolescents who are HIV Positive, on treatment but with out stigma. It is the most active HIV peer Support group throughout the world with an updated website which contains facts about adolescents with HIV/AIDS.

The group is composed of over 60 adolescents and all get Anti retrol viral treatment from Joint Clinical research Centre (JCRC) headed by Prof. Mugyenyi Peter who is very supportive.

Stigmaless Band members meet twice on weekends to share stories, sing, dance, record songs, rehearse plays and do a bit of sporting i.e. football, netball, volley ball, basket bal and swimming.

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