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Zambian Dr. Munyama, MP in Poland

Dr. Munyama in the Polish Parliament

Killion Munyama won a seat in Sunday’s polls, held just two days after he turned 50.
Munyama stood in a rural constituency near the northwestern city of Pila for the governing centrist Civic Platform, which has become the first incumbent party to won a second term since the 1989 demise of Poland’s communist regime.

Hon Munyama at work

Born in 1961 in Makala, outside the Zambian capital Lusaka, Munyama came to communist-era Poland in 1982 to take an economics degree. As Poland shifted rapidly to the free market, he stayed on to do a PhD on the role of the International Monetary Fund in Zambia’s economic reforms, graduating in 1994.

He has since been a lecturer in international finance and also runs a consultancy preparing bids for funding from the European Union, which Poland joined in 2004. Munyama entered politics in 2002 as a local councillor in the town of Grodzisk Wielkopolski, in charge of its international relations and EU funding bids. Out of a population of 38 million, there are about 4,000 black people in Poland.

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