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Bridging the North-South prosperity gap

This site provides an independent link between the developed North and developing South of the globe particularly Africa. It attempts to bring to the surface some of the often-ignored political and socio-economic issues between the rich and poor nations.

Similarly, it reports on some of the positive initiatives emerging from developing nations such as those in Africa, but at the same time without ignoring the emerging self-inflicting and destructive actions evident in many of the nations.

Quite often, some of the few progressive trends emerging form the developing world are overshadowed by the other so-called 'bigger' events in the current competitive climate of globalisation, dominated by the bigger and richer nations. Africa has sometimes been described as a continent with so much and yet at the same time with so little to present.

Without ignoring its manpower and the competitive natural resource potential, there is a deliberate attempt by this site to put Africa at centre stage as the continent perhaps lists good examples of some of the well endowed and yet most deprived nations in the world. The site attempts to highlight some of the key development issues and calls upon the entire world to collectively redress the underlying global political and socio-economic imbalances challenging many in African and the whole world, with the aim of creating a better and sustainable world for now and tomorrow.

From time to time, the site links into other sources to provide current affairs reports, which are relevant to its stated aims and objectives while encouraging independent contributors and commentators to participate fully in the discussions that cover a wide range of subjects.